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Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Posted on June 11th, 2013

Selecting appropriate summer reading material is always a tricky endeavour. While we desire something engrossing – and somewhat undemanding – to entertain us at the beach or pool, we also don’t want to waste our time reading poorly written smut or predictable mysteries. It’s that elusive balance between readability and weightiness that makes a novel … (More →)


Songs of Summer 2013

Posted on June 4th, 2013

As the weather heats up and BBQs and beach parties become standard Saturday night activities, our winter playlists—dominated by moody, introspective indie rock—no longer seem appropriate or desirable. As much as we love Bon Iver, when the temperatures rise we crave light-hearted, energetic and unabashedly fun music. While being awarded the “song of the summer” … (More →)


do it: the compendium

Posted on May 28th, 2013

do it is the brainchild of Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist who first made the art world sit up and take notice of his curatorial prowess when at the age of twenty-three he mounted a show in his kitchen. Aptly titled The Kitchen Show, it featured the work of heavyweight artists like Christian Boltanski … (More →)


The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

Posted on May 21st, 2013

Six teenagers gather together at an arts camp in the Berkshires in 1974, the year that Nixon is ousted from office. There is Ethan Figman, an unattractive yet outgoing boy who dreams of being a cartoonist; Jonah Bay, the handsome son of a famous folk singer; Cathy Kiplinger, an emotional and womanly dancer; Goodman and … (More →)


Mumbai New York Scranton: A Memoir

Posted on May 14th, 2013

We were skeptical when we received our copy of Mumbai New York Scranton: A Memoir. Upon opening its back cover, we were greeted with a photograph of its author, Tamara Shopsin, dressed in Converse and baggy, oversized clothes with an impish grin. It seemed improbable that she was over thirty and unlikely she could … (More →)


How to Boil an Egg

Posted on May 7th, 2013

High on our list of “must dos” the next time we’re in Paris includes a visit to one of three Rose Carrarini eateries, all appropriately called Rose Bakery. Carrarini, an Englishwoman, opened her first eponymous bakery in 2002 with her French husband Jean-Charles and together they conquered the city with their honest, home-style creations concocted … (More →)



Posted on April 30th, 2013

Just prior to the boom that would transform Manhattan into a city of unrivaled riches, excess and greed, the city in the early 1980s was a dirty, gritty, and often dangerous place. Amidst this climate, a collection of artists, writers, musicians and hangers-on converged in SoHo and the East Village and created a community that … (More →)


The Shelf Journal 2

Posted on April 23rd, 2013

We first became aware of the independently published, and rather esoteric, The Shelf, when we happened upon the journal’s impeccably designed website. With its simple yet chic black and white colour palette (our favourite) and scrolling bookshelf design that reveals hidden content at every click, we were charmed – and intrigued – before we … (More →)