Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant

April 15th, 2012

Location: 2046 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

I am a seafood fanatic and consume prawns at what I’m sure is a seriously unhealthy rate. As such, dim sum is an ideal meal as it gives me an excuse to start my shrimp consumption at 11 am. Golden Ocean Seafood is a large, second-floor Chinese restaurant in Kerrisdale that I frequent for delicious dim sum such as har gow, deep fried shrimp spring rolls, shrimp and tofu, and a shrimp, pork and chive fried ball of goodness, all temptingly pushed around on steam-releasing carts. Trying to add a bit of variety to my visits there, I also enjoy their simply prepared gai lan, the garlic sautéed pea shoots and their chow mein, which has very little in it besides noodles and onions yet somehow manages to appeal. While Golden Ocean is a bit more expensive than some other dim sum establishments, it seems well worth it since there is a discernible quality to their ingredients. I am always reassured that I am having a reasonably authentic experience when I see Chinese families eating at a Chinese restaurant and this is noticeably the case at Golden Ocean. I will forewarn you that on my first visit, I was a bit bewildered because several of the waitresses did not speak English and when I asked for a menu in English I was told there was no such thing – I’ve since relaxed into the situation, feeling it’s all the more authentic, and have resorted to the tried-and-true pointing and smiling method. One more trick – if what you want doesn’t appear on their carts and you’re tired of waiting, just flag down a waiter and place an order. You’ll be enjoying your favourite dish in no time. (EL)

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