House of Dosas

December 1st, 2011

Location: 1391 Kingsway Street, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

My love affair with Indian food began when I was studying in London and the British pound was worth more than 2 times the Canadian dollar. As a student, eating out in notoriously expensive London was tough, but with my limited culinary skills, cooking could be tougher. When I couldn’t down yet another Prêt à Manger sandwich and needed a hot meal out, Brick Lane was paradise because it is literally lined with Indian restaurants offering meals that are both delicious and affordable. When I moved to Vancouver, everyone raved about Vij’s and its affiliated lunch spot, Rangoli. I’ve been to both, but they just seem so far removed from the fiery, home-style, hearty fare I had on Brick Lane. So, I was thrilled to recently discover House of Dosas, which is open 24 hours, on the Kingsway. Dosas, as their menu explains, are made with rice and lentils and are India’s take on the French crêpe. These enormous, crisp, wafer thin crêpes are used to contain curried fillings such as the Eggplant Alu Dosa (combining fried eggplant, onion and potatoes) which somehow turns simple ingredients into something hearty and satisfying. Indian cuisine often celebrates vegetables, treating them as the star of the show and they are plentiful here – other fillings include Onion, Mixed Vegetables, and Palak Paneer Alu (spinach, cheese and potato). The Chicken Dosa was also tender and well-seasoned. The House of Dosas is not exactly the spot for a romantic date – TVs on the wall were tuned to cricket when we visited and cricket jerseys decorate the walls. On Mondays, when all dosas are $5.99, it is so packed you can hardly hear yourself think. But if you want a delicious, quick, hot Indian meal in a casual setting, it’s a fantastic spot. I went back again the very next day. (EL)

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