Lin’s Chinese Cuisine and Tea House

January 1st, 2012

Location: 1537 West Broadway, Vancouver BC  View Google Map
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Not too long ago, my sister went out of town and my brother-in-law and his brother went on a mission to ferret out the best Xiao Long Bao in town. They gorged on these Shanghai-style dumplings filled with meat and hot, flavourful liquid for days and declared the hand-crafted sac hets at Lin’s the undisputed winner. They are a house speciality and worth suffering through the blindingly peach painted interior for; each delicate wrap explodes with flavour as the liquid releases when you bite into the tasty morsel. But the XLB’s are not the only reason to go. I was impressed as soon as the first dish we ordered arrived via a friendly server – their Green Onion Pancake, something I order at every Chinese establishment I frequent, was light and not at all greasy. Similarly, their House Special Fried Rice was a revelation: I didn’t realize this ubiquitous dish could be so fluffy and delicate. We feasted that night on Salt and Spicy Prawns which were deep fried in a thin, crispy batter and topped with fried onions and chili as well as their Spicy Wontons which were steamed and then bathed in a soy and garlic sauce, topped with steamed spinach. I found their Kung Pao Chicken, a classic Szechwan dish with peanuts, cooked to tender perfection with a suggestively spicy heat. Between 4 people, before the bar tab, our bill was at about $25 each – an amazing value considering the number of dishes we shared. I was thrilled to discover they deliver; I’ll definitely be heading back for more. (EL)

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