Pâtisserie Bordeaux

November 15th, 2011

Location: 3675 10th Ave W, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

Make no mistake about it: a croissant is not really bread. It’s a leavened variety of puff pastry and to get the thing to puff, you need butter, and lots of it. A croissant should be flakey and light, not doughy and dense like so many supermarket varieties. In search of a good croissant, I went to Pâtisserie Bordeaux which was tucked in a strange mini-mall at the corner of Alma and 10th, sharing its parking lot with a 7-Eleven and Brown’s Social House. Don’t let this stop you from stopping in for a buttery, airy croissant or its close friend the pain au chocolat. I felt downright naughty scarfing down chocolate-filled pastry at breakfast but if the French do it, I figured it must be a civilized thing to do. Tempted by a counter full of old-fashioned cakes, cookies, tarts, chocolates and other assorted treats, I could barely decide. After much deliberation, I decided to try one of their éclairs, and I was instantly nostalgic, not having had one in about 20 years and probably then at a Tim Horton’s. They had filled the little sub-shaped dessert which was topped with a swipe of dark chocolate with rich, very slightly sweet custard rather than the tasteless whipped cream many éclairs are subject to. I gobbled it back in 2 bites. (EL)

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