Peaceful Restaurant

April 15th, 2012

Location: 530 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

I’ve recently had some less than stellar experience at hipster scene-y restaurants in Vancouver so my boyfriend and I are checking out some hole-in-the-wall spots with rewarding results. One such ‘find’ is Peaceful Restaurant on Broadway, serving Mandarin cuisine and hand-crafted noodles, although it’s not much of a find considering every time I’ve been, it’s been very, very busy. This is one of those restaurants that boasts an expansive menu (probably more than 100 items) including Chinese dishes that have been Western favourites for years like Beef and Broccoli and Kung Pao Chicken but we’re exploring other options slowly and enjoying every visit. Some of the dishes we’ve sampled include their namesake Peaceful Beef Rolls which are essentially an Asian wrap, both savoury and sweet, and are a play on the traditional duck dish with hoisin sauce. The crunch of the green onion is a lovely contrast to the warm beef and flatbread. The Sichuan Beef Soup Noodles come in a savoury, dark, spiced broth with stewed beef set against the green of cilantro and spinach – they offer your choice of hand cut noodles in various thicknesses to suit your mood. A favourite is the Spicy Chilli-Garlic Fish – basa is battered and fried then tossed in a chili-garlic glaze leaving the fish incredibly moist and tender. Moderately priced, Peaceful is a good weekday dinner option, when you’re craving a satisfying meal and want to keep the budget to around $20 a person. They’ve recently taken on a second location on Davie Street and I’m looking forward to checking out their expanding empire. (EL)

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