Pho Tan

November 15th, 2011

Location: 4598 Main St, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

I started eating Pho when I was a student at the University of Toronto. There was a Pho restaurant on Bloor street, where it still stands, that was packed daily at lunch. You could have a big bowl of hot or cold noodles for about $6, a great relief for a student’s budget. When I was in Toronto last year, I went there again to relive fond memories and after eating at Pho Tan, I could barely make it through my meal. I think everyone would agree, Vancouver is an Asian food enthusiast’s paradise and places like Pho Tan are excellent examples of the quality meals many Asian establishments offer at super affordable prices. Not costing much more than the meals I would scarf down in university ten years ago, the food is far superior in quality. My boyfriend is a huge fan of the classic pho which contains thin slices of rare beef that cook in the hot, savoury broth which is also packed with brisket, rice noodles and fresh lime, basil and bean sprouts that you add in to taste. He also douses the soup with plenty of hot sauce. It is particularly tasty when it’s grey and rainy out (so almost all the time). I favour the chicken vermicelli (#75) – the meat is freshly grilled to order and laid over a bed of vermicelli noodles and shredded salad which you toss together with a sweet and salty fish sauce – the dish also comes with a tightly packed, hot and crispy spring roll. Fresh and flavourful meals in a bowl, all for around $8. (EL)

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