Pizzeria Farina

November 15th, 2011

Location: 915 Main Street, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
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Pizza has finally taken Vancouver by storm and I’m thrilled. I like Pizzeria Farina because it’s just that – an old school, self-serve pizza joint. From a modestly sized room, they sell individually sized but generous 15-inch pies that hang over the sides of the plates they are served on. My first attempt to eat here was thwarted on a Friday night at 7.45 by which time they had a sign out front saying they had ‘run out of dough’. I’m not into checking an establishment’s Facebook page or following a Twitter feed to determine if they still have a pretty critical ingredient, but after visiting Pizzeria Farina, I understand why – their kitchen is tiny and there’s very limited storage space. The décor befits their location just south of Chinatown on Main street; they’ve managed to convert a casual, rustic space into a hip one with high top tables including a central communal one, metal chairs which look great but don’t encourage lingering, and decorations consisting of simply arranged ingredients like bottles of house-bottled tomato sauce and tins of salt-packed anchovies. The pizzas are light and airy but with crisp bottoms and charred crusts. The simplest of ingredients combine to form the Margherita: sweet tomato sauce, mozzarella and torn basil with a dash of olive oil. The Finocchiona is sprinkled with fennel sausage (more please!), spicy peppers and provolone. The night I was there, heirloom tomatoes and artichokes were the daily special ingredients. You can also choose your own adventure with extra toppings like anchovies, olives and sausage. During my brief visit, several people walked out with armfuls of takeaway boxes because the crust can withstand the trip home. Beverages are limited to still and sparkling water from a tap at the counter which is a nice touch, carbonated lemon and orange drinks, as well as root beer; sadly, there’s no liquor licence but hopefully one day…(EL)

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