Sushi Mart

November 15th, 2011

Location: 1668 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

Sushi is one of my favourite foods. I would happily eat it daily, and when I lived in London for a year, it was one of the things I missed most about Vancouver where it is as common as Starbucks. I have been lucky enough to try some highly applauded sushi places in their heyday including Nobu in London and Vegas when they were celebrity hangouts and Megu in New York where the prices were astronomical and should really only be the territory of those on expense account, and I’m not convinced they are so much better than many small, local spots in Vancouver when you consider the value. Sushi here offers a range of possibilities from the most decadent (Tojos, the subject of another article) to humble spaces like Sushi Mart, my inexpensive but quality neighbourhood spot, where I eat about once a week. When I say inexpensive, I mean it – my boyfriend and I regularly walk away both satisfied for less than $25. The space is cleverly but casually outfitted, with a long communal table which I’ve never found overcrowded, and wooden palettes providing an economical and hip design treatment for the walls. I should note, Sushi Mart has a menu that is focused on sushi as the name suggests – so there is no teriyaki or tempura, although they have added udon to their roster. This is hardly a concern when the toro is this buttery and rich – I have it undressed as sashimi or in negitoro rolls. The gomaae is lightly tossed with sesame dressing, rather than drowned in it as it is so often served. Sushi Mart’s rice is also prepared with care – al dente, perfectly seasoned, not overpacked, and the rice to filling ratio in the rolls is just right. (EL)

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