Sweet e’s

November 15th, 2011

Location: 2032 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

Their website taunts “You’ll want one of everything” and it’s absolutely true.  I love desserts, but I don’t like sweet things which I suppose sounds like an oxymoron.  Let me explain:  I need my desserts to have a balance of flavours and rather than sugar being the predominant flavour, I like fruity, nutty, tart and creamy flavours in my after dinner treats.  I was first introduced to Sweet e’s by my boyfriend’s mother, who has ridiculously good taste in pretty much everything, when she debuted their Lemon Meringue Cake at dinner much to my delight.  It was a dainty sponge cake with layers of lemon curd, finished with a handsomely spiked and chewy lemon meringue – the dessert was super summery, bright and light, with that just right balance of sweet and tart and almost too adorable to eat.  Almost.  I have since been back to Sweet e’s several times and have a Raspberry Pistachio Bird’s Nest Cookie every time; the buttery but delicate shortbread is rolled in toasted pistachio nuts and finished with a ruby centre of raspberry jam.  Their tiny tarts – including Lemon Meringue and Bourbon Pecan – are adorable and delectable bite sized treats.  (EL)

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