The Patty Shop

November 15th, 2011

Location: 4019 Macdonald Street, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

I grew up on the East Coast where Jamaican beef patties were as ubiquitous as hot dogs or bento boxes are in Vancouver. In fact, they were so common you could get them at the corner store (the Mac’s or 7-Eleven) where I would gobble them down more often than I care to admit. Hardly gourmet. I quickly realized upon moving to Vancouver that it is a land of sushi, not beef patties, so I was delighted to discover The Patty Shop, a small storefront, in an unlikely Kerrisdale location. It specializes in patties: they do one thing and they do it right. The Patty Shop is in a bit of a time-warp with faded posters and a bulletin board pinned full of business cards. It looks like nothing’s changed in a couple of decades but it hardly matters when the patties are this good. Generously filled beef patties come in mild, spicy and curry – I prefer the spicy option, which, for me hits the right note of gentle heat against the delicious pastry crust. The pastry itself is stellar – flakey and light, it makes the patties absolutely decadent. I’ve also enjoyed their jam-packed spinach option when I’m looking for a lighter snack and I’ve served up their mini, appie-sized patties at parties which always prove to be a hit. The best part is the price – the full-sized offerings are about $2 each. I bought a frozen 12 pack to go. (EL)

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