Enoteca 7 Pizzeria

March 6th, 2012

Location: 210 Lakeshore Rd East, Oakville, Ontario  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

We are always willing to travel to eat something special. When we heard a pizzeria in Oakville, Ontario was home to Canada’s first Stefano Ferrara oven built on-site, we had to check it out. Renowned for his wood-fired ovens, which are built brick-by-brick, Ferrara’s ovens provide the extremely high cooking temperature of 485 degrees Celsius required to create a true Neapolitan-style pizza. On our last trip to Toronto, we made the hour long drive to Oakville where we found recently opened Enoteca 7 in a tony part of this suburb, located on a charming shopping street. The design of the space is a testament to the owner’s overall attention to detail: the use of Italian marble, the low ceilings, stylish lighting fixtures which cast a flattering low light and high-end furnishings come together to create a comfortable but contemporary space with both a pizza counter for casual bites and friendly table service.

Enoteca 7’s menu features a variety of starter salads but pizza is the real star here with traditional favourites like the Margherita and the Marinara; there’s no need for innovation when things are done right. Naples is considered the birthplace of pizza and their ever-imitated style provides a 12- to 13-inch pie which is made with 00 flour that is very finely milled; at Enoteca 7, they let their dough rise slowly and naturally, avoiding any yeasty flavour. When their gently-nurtured dough is cooked at very high temperatures it creates a very soft, pillowy and light final product. This Ferrara oven, which was built on-site by a craftsperson flown in from Naples, cooks the pizza in just 60 seconds so the sausage pizza we sampled evidenced the true Neapolitan style which they have modified ever-so-slightly to have a marginally crispier crust with characteristic charring and blistering. It was delicious which was not surprising judging from the enthusiastic and passionate pizza-maker pounding out pies in plain view. Enoteca 7 has already leased the space next door, which will provide them with an additional 100 or so seats – look for more delicious pie there this spring.

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