Marché St. George

November 15th, 2011

Location: 4393 St. George Street, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

There has been a recent proliferation of hipster-run, independent shops in Vancouver. You know the type – spaces with carefully ‘curated’ collections of objects and hardly any merchandise, where the staff think they are cooler than you and let you know it. Marché St. George, on the corner St. George’s Street and 28th, is definitely a hipster incarnation of a grocery store with piles of fruit in wood crates out front, artisanal cheeses, cured meats, natural toothpaste, heirloom tomatoes, specialty mushrooms, interesting dried pastas, and mints in pretty tins at the counter. But this shop is full of sundries you actually need and want, just pulled together in a much more aesthetically appealing and enjoyable experience than shopping at Safeway. And although the staff are cool, and do have better eyewear than you, they also smile and are happy to help. While a cosy space, they also have a couple tables in place perfect for sipping lattés and enjoying treats on a rainy Vancouver day, such as their baked goods sourced from Plaisir Sucré, a local bakery. Vancouver is not particularly renowned for its French pastries so we were skeptical at first but the almond croissants, filled with a nutty, slightly sweet almond paste, and the pain au chocolat, were decadent and buttery indulgences.

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