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By Guest Contributor Amanda Scriver

January 29th, 2013

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Nadège Nourian is the French-born pastry chef whose progressive, yet traditional dessert style is revolutionizing the Toronto pastry scene. She launched her namesake shop, Nadège, with her partner Morgan McHugh on the Queen Street West strip back in 2009. Charmed with Nourian’s passion for good food, quality products and attention to the finest of details, Toronto instantly fell in love with her offerings.

This past summer, Nadège expanded from Queen West and headed just north on Yonge Street to the famed Rosedale area of Toronto. The new boutique is housed within a heritage building (one of ‘The Five Thieves’ buildings, a food destination in Rosedale) and this location differs in many aspects from its Queen West companion. The Rosedale location is heavy on design and branding, showcasing all of the architecture’s rich beauty: exposed brick and grey walls leave the colours of the macarons in the glass displays to pop vibrantly. This Rosedale boutique doesn’t serve coffee, doesn’t offer seating, and limits sandwich options; the real focus is on the art of hand-made chocolates and baked goods.

Currently, Nourian is best known for her French macarons (of which there are 12 flavours to date at $2.10 a piece) however what many don’t know is that while you will still be able to purchase pastries, macarons and other baked good at this Rosedale shop, the emphasis is on their house-made chocolates. These delectable chocolates can’t be made at the Queen West location since the temperature of their in-house kitchen is way too warm from baking. The Rosedale location will be preparing chocolates daily and will supply both outposts. To date, Nourian has 11 flavours of truffles available ($2.50 a piece with prices varying in boxes) and they are looking to expand their line to 16 varietals after careful testing of recipes in-house first.

The truffles are decorated with Nadège’s signature square, circle and triangle patterns representing macarons, chocolates and croissants respectively, with a different colour transfer for each flavour. I indulged in several, some involving more familiar flavours of fruit, tea and nuts such as Passion Fruit & Milk Chocolate, Earl Grey & Dark Chocolate, Almond Praline Dark Chocolate, and some more contemporary interpretations such as Roquefort & Dark Chocolate, Goat’s Cheese & Dark Chocolate and Cayenne Pepper & Dark Chocolate. Each bite was like a little bit of heaven in my mouth. The Roquefort and Goat’s Cheese truffles were both creamy and tart and with flavours that were surprisingly complimentary. Although I am a sucker for a good cheese and chocolate combination, out of the truffles I tried that day, I would have to say that the Cayenne Pepper was my favourite. A daring and bold flavour, you don’t feel the burn at first but the heat eventually catches up to you! It was somewhat unexpected and very exciting.

Recently, Nadège launched their online boutique, so fans of the shop don’t have to be in Toronto to enjoy all their delectable sweets. You can bring Nadège to you, wherever you may be.

Amanda (Ama) Scriver is a full-time event planner and part-time food blogger in Toronto having also written for: Toronto Is Awesome, Little Red Umbrella and Pink Mafia. She enjoys random adventure, has a huge case of wanderlust, drinks Jameson whiskey like water, worships drag queens, listens to all hip hop everything, loves a good Americano and has an affinity for all things nerd. Just recently, she started the #fatgirlfoodsquad which will be a series of food and music events. You can follow her (boring) adventures through Instagram and Twitter: username @amapod

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