Le Quartier Général

Posted on August 13th, 2013

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Immediately when we arrived in Montreal at Central Station, we knew it was a very different place than most of Canada—and I don’t just mean the French signs that we couldn’t understand. In the caverns of the grand station there actually lies an amazing food court with an excellent patisserie, incredible deli sandwiches, … (More →)


Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

Posted on July 16th, 2013

In a town where all-you-can-eat buffets are an institution and few scoff at paying $18 for a sushi roll, restaurant options, though plentiful, often prioritize drama and showmanship over crafting reasonably priced, tasty fare. Some of the world’s most renowned chefs have set up outposts in Las Vegas – including Alain Ducasse, Guy Savoy and … (More →)



Posted on July 2nd, 2013

I love it when a meal surprises you — flat out knocks you out with its originality yet the Chef executes the flavours of each dish perfectly. These are the kinds of meals that leave me wondering, how soon can I eat here again? After my first meal on a very crowded Friday night at … (More →)



Posted on May 28th, 2013

Between the scorching temperatures and the delectable wine offerings, the Okanagan is our favourite among British Columbia’s summer holiday destinations. As wine lovers, sampling the latest releases from some of BC’s best vineyards is reason enough to travel to the region yet we’ve often found the area lacking in some other important amenities. Winery restaurants … (More →)


Pok Pok

Posted on April 30th, 2013

Living in Vancouver, there are a plethora of fantastic Asian dining options like Chinese, Japanese and Korean, but we’re at a loss when we’re craving Thai food. Portland is one of our favourite cities on the West Coast – we’ll take any excuse to make the six hour drive and a great bowl of curry … (More →)


Brussels Eats

Posted on April 23rd, 2013

We were recently in Brussels for a few days and were thrilled to discover these three establishments –running the gamut from a bit of a splurge to street food – that are sure to satisfy next time you are in the European capital.

Orphyse Chaussette

Orphyse Chaussette
rue Charles Hanssens 5, quartier du Sablon, Brussels … (More →)


Zuni Café

Posted on April 2nd, 2013

San Francisco has one of the best food scenes in North America – according to Michael Bauer, the restaurant critic for San Francisco Chronicle, a travel industry survey revealed that most visitors mention food as a major reason for their trip to the Bay Area capital. A 2012 article in the Huffington Post revealed … (More →)



Posted on March 5th, 2013

It has been nearly a year now since Ursa came out of nowhere and first opened its doors to much acclaim on a trendy Queen West block which was already full of excellent eateries. Its food is a contemporary take on Canadian cuisine, with a kitchen being driven by young up-start chef Jacob Sharkey-Pearce who … (More →)

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