1927 at Rosewood Hotel Georgia

November 15th, 2011

Location: 801 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
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Ever since I was little and read Eloise, I have loved hotels; now that I’m legal, I love hotel bars. I was very upset when they closed what my friend called the “Lost in Translation” bar (after the Sofia Coppola film) at the Four Seasons Hotel. With its horse-shoe shaped counter, there was something so anonymous and non-Vancouver about that space – like it could be in another city altogether (a big city!). I was even more dismayed when they replaced it with Yew restaurant/lounge which for some reason feels like an upscale Earls. So I was thrilled to discover 1927 at the recently reopened Georgia Hotel (which is just across the street), named after the hotel’s original opening year. Tucked to one side of their grand lobby, it is thankfully devoid of the metal and glass that is unfortunately so pervasive in this City of Glass. 1927 is the type of bar that might be found in an East Coast hotel with rich wood, lush sofas and chairs, marble table tops, dim lighting and dark corners for trysts. Their cocktails are seasonal and serious – they make a mean Manhattan, jolting Moscow Mules, and tart Bourbon sours (in gorgeous goblets). Mostly I like it because it’s a grown-up bar, the sort of place Don Draper would frequent with his cronies. (EL)

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