CSA Space

November 15th, 2011

Location: #5–2414 Main Street, Vancouver, BC  View Google Map
Website: Click Here

Self-billed as an independent “project space”, CSA Space is owned and operated by Christopher Brayshaw, Adam Harrison and Steven Tong. Each of these curators multi-tasks: Brayshaw, once an Assistant Curator at the Vancouver Art Gallery, is now proprietor of Pulp Fiction Books and pens occasional art reviews; Tong and Harrison are practicing artists. CSA Space doesn’t actually represent any artists and while you can probably buy many of the works on view at CSA Space, selling the work never seems to be the focus here. Exhibitions are, as their website notes, based on the curators’ own aesthetic judgements – a unusually honest statement as to how artists typically end up being selected for exhibition. This independent spirit is reflected in their programming which ranges from refreshing, relatively unknown discoveries (Steven Hubert and Tegan Moore) to internationally exhibiting artists (Ian Wallace, Rebecca Belmore). Access to CSA Space is through Pulpfiction Books, in the same building on Main Street.

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