101 Best Places to Eat

By Emmy Lee | Posted on August 9th, 2012

I always wonder when I travel where those in the know nosh and who would know more than 53 of the world’s greatest chefs? Newsweek’s compiled a list of 101 Best Places to Eat around the world and here are some highlights that sound particularly appealing from some notable names in the culinary world – i.e. recommendations you can trust:

Tokyo. 81-3-35-35-36-00
Specialty: Toro Sushi
“The best sushi on earth.”
—Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin, New York

Osaka. 81-6-63-45-67-78
Specialty: Iga Beef Dish
“Love the pristine quality of the food and how beautifully it is presented.” —David Bouley, Bouley, New York

Brooklyn: 718-243-0050
Specialty: Fried Blowfish Tails
“It’s the Western version of omakase—a small, intimate setting where the chefs cook for you and serve you directly.”
—Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin, New York

San Francisco. 415-393-9000
Specialty: Kelp and Squid-Ink Pasta
“An experience like no other in the world. Beautiful, eccentric, and soulful, in sync with all of the best products of Northern California, and with a modern poetic vibe that only chef Daniel Patterson can speak.”
—Elizabeth Falkner, author, Demolition Desserts

New York. 212-288-0033
Specialty: Black Sea Bass In Syrah
“I had such an incredible dinner at Daniel that he may have singlehandedly salvaged my opinion of fine dining … Expert, delicious, exciting, and very, very beautiful. No palate fatigue whatsoever! We asked to have wine paired, and it was the best pairing I’ve ever had.”
—Gabrielle Hamilton, Prune, New York

New York . 212-993-7189
Specialty: ‘Italian Thanksgiving’
“I love their take on Italian-American cuisine. They do a spectacular job of combining the charm of classic dishes with the polish of modern New York food. The setting is very familial—small, intimate, and just delicious. Simple but inventive, classic but new.”
—Daniel Humm, Eleven Madison Park, New York

San Francisco. 415-771-7779
Specialty: Ricotta Gnudi
“Chef Matt Accarrino has the best pasta in San Francisco, and Shelley Lindgren is one of my favorite sommeliers. Their attention to detail in the service, food, and amazing wines will blow anyone away.”
—Elizabeth Falkner, author, Demolition Desserts

Paris. 33-1-43-80-40-61
Specialty: ‘Colors of Caviar’
“The perfect definition of Parisian fine dining. In season, his all-black-truffle menu is a must.”
—Alain Ducasse, Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, Paris

Paris. 33-1-42-26-01-02
Specialty: Foie Gras With Cockles
“At this simple restaurant with an open kitchen, by chef Christophe Pelé, you get a meal for $50 to $60 that would cost $350 anywhere else.”
—David Bouley, Bouley, New York

Cormons. 39-481-60-531
Specialty: Stinco di Vitello
“A little Relais hotel in the hills, owned by Josko and Loredana Sirk. The setting is beautiful, right on the border between Italy and Slovenia, and the restaurant reflects this delectable cuisine. If you are at La Subida in the fall, when there is the beginning of a chill in the air, you want to be seated next to the open hearth, where usually a cauldron of polenta is bubbling. Have that polenta served with sautéed porcini mushrooms and braised wild boar.”
—Lidia Bastianich, host of Lidia’s Italy

Cortona. 39-349-603-72-90
Specialty. Salumi and Suckling Pig
“While roaming the steep and narrow streets of Cortona, I stumbled upon a food truck selling sandwiches with porchetta and cured pork products on the street corner. It was here that I first discovered the incredible possibilities of Italian street food.”
—Heather Terhune, Sable Kitchen & Bar, Chicago

Bari. Downtown
Specialty: Mounds of Polenta
“There is a very old woman—I think she has just one tooth—and she sits on a low stool with a pile of polenta that looks like a stack of gold bars. In front of her is a cauldron of hot oil. She clanks up one of the bars, deep-fat-fries it, and serves it in a paper cone with sea salt. Amazingly delicious.”
—Jamie Oliver, author of The Naked Chef

Atxondo. 34-94-658-30-42
Specialty: Iberian Chorizo
“Sure as hell one of the most luxurious eating experiences ever. Chef Victor Arguinzoniz grills things—and in ways—never dreamed of before. Just the best ingredients in the world, grilled by the very best grillmaster on the planet.” —Anthony Bourdain, host of the Travel Channel’s No Reservations

Järpen. 46-647-401-77
Specialty: Scallops Over Juniper
“Most Swedes haven’t even been here. Chef Magnus Nilsson’s vision for new Scandinavian food is inspiring—he shows that you don’t have to live in a big city to create an authentic, delicious experience. To go there and stay and eat for a few days is a truly relaxing experience.”
—Marcus Samuelsson, Red Rooster Harlem, New York

Grand Cayman. 345-947-7435
Specialty: Conch Stew
“We dined in what seemed like a garage connected to Vivine Watler’s house, with our table located a few feet from a pigeon coop. Vivine personally took our order, went into her kitchen, and cooked up some amazing Caribbean cuisine!” —Graham Elliot, Graham Elliot, Chicago


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