By John McFarland | Posted on October 24th, 2012

One thing I have really missed since moving to Toronto from Vancouver are the awesome private liquor stores with their great selection of craft beers like Brewery Creek in Mount Pleasant. In fact I think it is a cruel irony that the LCBO has actual “Beer Stores”, considering the terribly weak choices on offer. It’s not that there isn’t a thriving community of small craft breweries here in Ontario or an eager audience waiting to slam them back. I mean enjoy them responsibly. It is just that the LCBO, the government bureaucracy that it is, will not accommodate them and don’t even think about finding any of the great beers from small breweries elsewhere in Canada or US. They simply don’t exist unless you make it to some of the better pubs in the city like The Rhino, Indie Ale House or Bar Volo. This is what has me so excited for Cask Days happening this weekend (Saturday October 27+ Sunday October 28) at my new favourite venue, Evergreen Brick Works . The event will feature cask-conditioned ales from over 50 micro-breweries from across the country including many small breweries that are doing casks specifically for this event only. Missing my BC brew I am most excited to try the offerings from some of the best breweries in that province and it will be my first chance to try the creations of recently opened Vancouver brewery, 49th Parallel. Thus for making great beer available in Toronto (albeit two days only), let’s all make a cheer then for Cask Days. Chin Chin.



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