Coast Modern Film

By Emmy Lee | Posted on August 3rd, 2012

Travelling along the Pacific North West, from Los Angeles to Vancouver, in Coast Modern Mike Bernard and Gavin Froome turned their lens on the homes that exemplify West Coast Modernist Architecture. The spaces they visit span three generations and have a deep reverence for place, light and the natural environment that surrounds them. Dion Neutra, who worked alongside his legendary father Richard, states the basic tenant that drives the movement: the way to live is to have ‘the comfort of being inside, yet you have the feeling of being outside’ and the houses featured give the feeling of expanding into and being harmonious with their setting. Coast Modern features interviews with several respected architecture insiders including respected names in architecture, including James Steele, Barbara Lamprecht, Ray Kappe, Hernik Bull, Pierluigi Serraino, Michael Folonis, Dion Neutra, Douglas Coupland, John Cava, Barbara Bestor and legendary photographer Julius Shulman. It premiered at Vancouver’s Doxa Festival in May 2012 to acclaim – I missed it then but it’s playing this week, Friday and Saturday, at Vancity Theatre.


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