Edible Selby by Todd Selby

By John McFarland | Posted on October 15th, 2012

While browsing in one of my favourite bookstores I came across this great new table art book, Edible Selby, by the incredibly stylish portrait photographer Todd Selby. Selby is best known for his 2010 book, The Selby Is in Your Place, which invited readers inside the homes and creative spaces of authors, musicians, artists, and designers. With this new book, Selby has taken us on an unique journey around the globe featuring  photographs, watercolors, handwritten questionnaires, and recipes, documenting over forty unconventional figures in the food world. He takes us behind the scenes with Noma chef René Redzepi in Copenhagen; to Japan at Tatemichiya a punk rock Izakaya; to the bay of San Francisco where he tries to find the elusive monkey-faced eel with sea forager Kirk Lombard. The common thread between all these people is that they are all outsiders, each following their own passion and in the process making this world a much better and interesting place to eat in. With his trademark humour and quirky style, Selby, has found a new way to document today’s burgeoning DIY food scene which is a difficult thing to do in this brave new world of Instragram.


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