By Stephanie Rebick | Posted on August 1st, 2012

I’m a keen observer of all the experiments in creating interactive digital experiences that seem to be increasing dramatically these days. Large corporations, like Google and Nike, with heaps of cash and an overwhelming desire to appear cool and innovative have been bankrolling a number of projects that likely would not have been realized without their support. The latest to emerge is FIELD, a collaborative project spearheaded by Dazed Digital and Nike, that creates an immersive and interactive audio-visual experience that is controlled by the viewer’s movement. Dazed and Nike lined up well-known music producer Nosaj Thing, technology collective FAIR, LA, and DinahMoe, an interactive studio based in Sweden, to collaborate on the project, and this eclectic and dynamic group created an addictive and magnetic experience that draws equally on the aesthetics of cinema, video games and music videos. The viewer is in complete control of the video which responds to a variety of gestures on the keyboard and mouse; every time you visit the site, the experience is differs vastly. FIELD is almost hypnotic in its mashup of sound, colour and imagery. What I love about FIELD is that its doing something decidedly high-tech with html5 while using a low-tech aesthetic. Don’t visit FIELD while you’re at work because I promise you’ll instantly lose interest in whatever you were working on.

Click here to experience FIELD.


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