Hot Rum Cow

By Stephanie Rebick | Posted on June 25th, 2012

Despite, or because of, digital media’s supposed dominance, over the past few years we’ve also witnessed the emergence of an extremely strong independent magazine scene. Focusing on every topic imaginable — nothing is too esoteric, see Meatpaper a magazine devoted to “art and ideas about meat” — these indie, often limited run efforts have captured the attention and adoration of individuals yearning for something a little more tactile than their computer screen. The latest magazine to catch my eye is Hot Run Cow, published out of Edinburgh, that features “adventures in the world of drinking.” Their inaugural effort — The Gin Issue — is out now and I was impressed with both the design aesthetic and how they managed to fill 100 pages with compelling stories about booze. This rather ambitious magazine covers a range of topics, from social history to travel, cooking and the latest trends in the industry, and is all quite beautifully laid out. I particularly enjoyed the “How to Drink Internationally” graphic and the feature story on the history of Zorokovich vodka. For those who prefer the digital reading experience, Hot Rum Cow is available as an iPad app as well.


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