By Stephanie Rebick | Posted on August 9th, 2012

I’ve noted before that many of the most interesting experiments in digital media originate with blue-chip, Fortune 500 companies. In some ways this does cloud our perceptions of these achievements as it’s quite difficult to separate a digital experience that you may enjoy tremendously from the sense that it is really only a new means of manipulating you into supporting a brand or company. The reality is that creating apps or online immersive and participatory environments are extremely costly propositions and it’s often only with the support of these conglomerates that they can be realized. IBM, while perhaps no longer able to keep up with the big boys Google and Apple, has a lengthy and illustrious history of innovation and has entered the app field with its recently released Think app for the iPad and Android. Think, which is based on an exhibition it held in New York last year, traces the history of innovation — covering everything from the telescope to the airplane — in an extremely user friendly and well designed interface. While the app was conceived as a learning tool for students, its informative, interesting content and engaging user experience will appeal to viewers of all ages. The depth of content in Think in astounding; the app includes a seemingly endless supply of images, film, infographics and historical documents that collectively narrate and annotate the history of scientific and technological innovation. With five interactive modules — Seeing, Mapping, Understanding, Believing, Acting — it is easy to get lost the rich and absorbing world of Think.


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