La Casita, Vancouver

By Emmy Lee | Posted on July 8th, 2013

I’m always on the lookout for Mexican joints which are, on the whole, notoriously sub-par in Vancouver. For some reason, this cuisine which appears so simple is woefully difficult to get just right–perhaps because the dishes are often so plain that there’s nowhere to hide. I’ve was disappointed on my last venture to La Taqueria on Cambie Street so I was happy to find a small taco place has opened on Robson Street in the West End called La Casita. I believe they are owned by the restaurant of the same name in Gastown which I haven’t ever been to. Casually outfitted with non-descript décor, La Casita offers a simple menu dominated by a variety of tacos for $2.75 or four for $10. They are small so don’t be afraid to order four, and you can mix and match to sample the variety of fillings which include vegetarian options as well as a beef, sausage and fish. Each taco consists of two warmed corn tortillas and I tasted the Carne Asada (steak), Chorizo and Fish Tacos. The steak was a little dry so needed to be dressed up with some onion and pepper salsa, but I really enjoyed the battered and deep-fried fish which was crispy on the outside and tender within, topped with a bit of cabbage and laced with a medium salsa. The Chorizo looked a little plain and greasy when it arrived, but dressed with a bit of mild salsa, it was a really robust and flavourful couple of bites. Be sure to hit the salsa bar where there are lots of options to personalize your meal including pickled onions, jalapeno peppers, and a variety of salsas from mild to piquant. The cozy patio out front is where we sat enjoying the sun–I’m sure it will be a popular place to enjoy a beer and tacos as the good weather continues. An enthusiastic reviewer on Urbanspoon recommended the tortilla soup which I’d love to try on my text visit.


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