Little Dom’s, LA

By Emmy Lee | Posted on June 7th, 2013


I’m back in LA for a few days doing some studio visits and haven’t had much time to suss out new places to eat but last night I went to Little Dom’s in Los Feliz, a relaxed, old school Italian-inspired restaurant that was buzzy (apparently a bit of a celeb hangout) and felt like a little bit of New York in LA. Its wood and leather booths give it a warm, old world charm and the menu follows suit with classics like Mozzerella and Meatball Sandwich and Grilled Hangar Steak. Still, there are a few contemporary twists like their Kale Salad (lovely, not too harsh green leaves) with slices of apple, pickled onion, walnuts and goat’s cheese, perfectly dressed. Their Whitefish Piccatta (a generous portion) was excellent and just how I like fish prepared – simply with a butter, lemon and caper sauce. Little Dom’s sides are perfect for sharing and their potatoes are boiled then fried so the interiors are soft while the exteriors are crispy and tossed with garlic and salt both of which make them completely addictive. I also recommend the baby carrots which were roasted until sweet with fragrant cumin with a thick yoghurt sauce – I’m always impressed with the way restaurants in California treat vegetables and while definitely on the traditional side, Little Dom’s was no exception.


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