Marco Brambilla: Creation (Megaplex)

By Stephanie Rebick | Posted on October 29th, 2012

Marco Brambillia, Creation (Megaplex), 2012 (still)
3D High-definition video, color, sound, 4 minute (loop)

I first became aware of video artist Marco Brambilla when his work was included in the 2010 outdoor video exhibition CUE at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Brambilla, whose multi-layered visual montages borrow equally from the aesthetics of cinema and video games, has been receiving a lot of attention of late, and has collaborated with the likes of Kanye West — on his video for “Power” — and The Standard Hotel in New York where his video Civilization was installed in the elevator. His latest work — the final piece in his video trilogy that began with CivilizationCreation (Megaplex) is a 3D visual assault that uses a montage of hundreds of clips from Hollywood and foreign films to recount the history of civilization from the Big Bang to annihilation. The images are presented within a spiralling and mutating double helix form creating an effect that is at once surreal and hyper realistic. While Brambilla’s videos tend towards sensory overload in standard definition, I can only imagine what is like to experience this visual onslaught in 3D. Brambilla will debut Creation (Megaplex) at an exhibition at Christopher Grimes Gallery in Santa Monica that opens next week on November 3rd. If you’re in the LA area this definitely an experience not to be missed.

Marco Brambilla, Creation (Megaplex), 2012 (still)
3D High-definition video, color, sound, 4 minute (loop)


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