Moderne Burger, Vancouver

By Emmy Lee | Posted on December 12th, 2012

Every time I drive by Moderne Burger in Kitsilano, I mean to stop in but I’m often too late – it closes at 7.45 pm. I finally made it there during opening hours and I’m glad I did. Their menu is simple and consists of burgers (steak, turkey, veggie or wild salmon filet), BLTs, grilled cheese and fries. I went for the old-fashioned burger which comes with hand-leafed lettuce, thickly cut tomatoes and red onion, mayo and house-sauce. I asked what was in their sauce and was told it’s a “secret” but in the next breath their ketchup and thousand island dressing recipe was revealed. The burger was thick (but not too thick) and juicy (not over cooked) and was contained by a just-the-right-size bun; the ratio of meat to veggies accompaniments to bun was considered and worked wonderfully. The portion of fries was extremely generous and from freshly cut potatoes – not frozen – and the difference is palpable. With its diner décor including counter stools, booths and retro touches, you feel like you’re in Grease and the very friendly staff and owner make the dining experience especially pleasant. Much better quality than a fast food joint, I’ll definitely go back when I’m in the mood for an simple but tasty burger.


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