New Museum Website

By Stephanie Rebick | Posted on August 8th, 2012

Museum websites are often a conundrum since there is so much potential for immersive and interactive content, and the engagement of new audiences online, yet they so often disappoint. With limited staffing and tightening budgets it seems like the digital realm is often sacrificed in favour of more traditional programming inside the museum’s physical walls. Of course there are a number of exceptions that really emphasize the types of experiences that are possible when museums are released from the burden of monetary and time constraints. In honour of its 35th anniversary, the New Museum in New York has recently relaunched their website, only five years after their last overhaul. Taking a page from the Walker‘s book, the New Museum’s homepage feels more like an online journal or magazine than a standard museum website. Though not as revolutionary or genre-defying as the Walker’s effort that was launched late last year, the New Museum’s site occupies a middle ground between journalistic endeavour and information source. I particularly like the “Beyond the Bowery” section of the site that features a new art project created specifically for the web each month and an extensive international art spaces directory that was produced for the 2012 Triennial. The Museum’s searchable and browsable digital archive, which contains photos and documentation of New Museum exhibitions and publications produced since 1977, is also a fantastic source for researchers and an admirable example of sharing institutional history.


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