By John McFarland | Posted on September 26th, 2012

Once again Nuit Blanche will be taking over a great portion of the Toronto’s downtown this Saturday, in the process making it the biggest one night celebration of contemporary art in  Canada. Although now considered a bridge and tunnel gong show of epic proportions by many, it is still an incredible night of interesting work if one is patient enough to wade through the masses. As always the event begins at sunset and runs through the night until 6am. So there is plenty of time to check out the over 150 pieces exhibiting.

Pieces that have piqued my interest include ‘416-788-9663’ a choreographed performance and installation that transforms a secret location into an Acid House warehouse party circa 1994. Created by Toronto based video artist Geoffrey Pugen, it will attempt to capture the bizarre era when these types of Raves were subversive events and considered a threat to the authority.

Also I am excited to see that Berlin via Vancouver art world favourites Hadley+Maxwell will be presenting something new with a looping spectacle of sound and light entitled, ‘Smells Like Spirit’. Staged at a theatre loading bay, while using instruments and equipment as actors it will reenact perpetually the “load in” for Nirvana’s final gig. Bound to be a compelling examination of celebrity and it’s effects on the the individual, in this case the reluctant Kurt Cobain.

And it  wouldn’t be Nuit Blanche with out the late parties as the city has been so generous to extend last call til 4am. After most people have left back to the suburbs and a good night of rest, Parkdale will become a hipster playground with pit stops at The Gladstone and The Drake being mandatory.


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