NY Times Magazine One Page

By Stephanie Rebick | Posted on October 12th, 2012

I’ve been watching with interest how an old-media stalwart like The New York Times attempts to rebrand and redefine its identity in light of the digital revolution. In recent years the paper has made a number of changes and has attempted to expand their digital offerings with varying degrees of success. While I must admit that the Times ceased to be my go-to source for online content when they initiated their confusing and off-putting pay-per-use program, I have always enjoyed reading their weekly Magazine. The Times recently launched a new feature in the Magazine — The One Page Magazine — that presents a number of pithy, newsy items over a single page spread. With a few regular features, like the “Word of the Week” where an artist is commissioned to illustrate the definition of a new “culturally relevant” word (recent entries have included smearch and clostered), and a brain twister by Will Shortz, The Times is attempting to create a platform for innovative content that caters to a cultural desire for information to be conveyed in short, easily digestible tidbits. They’ve recently launched The One Page Magazine online on a single scrollable page. The brevity of the pieces makes it quite well suited for reading on the web and the mix of content makes for a quite attractive page layout. It will be interesting to see if these efforts to pander to the twitter generation prove successful or if the Times ends up alienating those who look to the venerable paper to provide content of a greater depth than what is available on your average Tumblr feed.


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