Taschen’s 100 Interiors Around the World

By Emmy Lee | Posted on July 13th, 2012

I can’t profess any expertise in interior design but I love looking at well-appointed spaces, and living in Vancouver, a city dominated by glass towers and wooden houses, the variety I crave in interiors is often sorely lacking. Enter Taschen’s 100 Interiors Around the World which will be released on July 28 full of exotic and exceptional spaces around the globe on six continents. The carefully selected 100 run the gamut from minimal to exuberant but they are all conscientiously curated while managing to still look wonderfully idiosyncratic and personal rather than like a sterile Architectural Digest feature. This tome will be published in 2 volumes and will weigh in at 720 pages – judging from other Taschen publications, it promises to be a visual feast.


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