The Gourmand

By Stephanie Rebick | Posted on August 16th, 2012

England has been undergoing a culinary revolution of sorts with the formerly traditional nation embracing all sorts of epicurean delights – the more experimental, the better. The country has also emerged as a hotbed for independent and innovative magazine production; many of my current obsessions are written, produced and designed in the U.K. The latest entry in this rapidly growing field is The Gourmand, a brand new food journal that seeks to celebrate this nascent transformation of London’s culinary landscape and highlight the city’s new bars and restaurants that seemingly pop up daily. With a mandate to “celebrate food as a catalyst for creativity”, The Gourmand is more than your average glossy food magazine and instead seeks to marry the culinary with other aspects of culture like art and film, drawing links between these ostensibly disparate disciplines. The inaugural issue is an eclectic offering that expands our ideas about what we can expect from a food magazine, and includes everything from a musical tour of Brixton Market and an interview with artist David Shrigley to crocodile fishing in Australia and Tim Burrows’ ruminations on the kebab. If the first issue is any indication of what we can expect from future editions, The Gourmand will definitely find a spot on my reading list.


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