By Stephanie Rebick | Posted on July 25th, 2012

I’ve mentioned my obsession with the weather here before, yet it never ceases to amaze me how many different options I have to satisfy my nearly incessant curiosity about the goings-on outside. My latest go-to source is the charming and beautifully designed site, wevther, that not only details the forecast but also makes clothing recommendations based on the local temperature and conditions. In a place like Vancouver where the weather changes constantly and dramatically, a concept like wevther could not be more practical. I have also been known to change my outfit in the middle of the day because I’m sick of shivering at my desk so this could not be a more appropriate site for me. And if you happen to fancy the clothing and footwear recommendations more than what’s available in your own closet, the images are clickable and will direct you to where you can purchase the wares. Despite the number of sites and apps that I consult daily about the weather, none of them translate the data into something as practical as what I should wear to be comfortable. It’s such a simple concept, I’m surprised I haven’t come across this before.


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