Zuma: Wabi-Sabi Short Film

By Emmy Lee | Posted on August 1st, 2012

I am a staunch believer that you eat with your eyes first. This short film, a composite of Thomas Brown’s still life photography of the Japanese cuisine of Zuma, the celebrated izakaya restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge, is veritable food porn. Capturing the delicate, precise and beautifully presented ingredients and dishes of Head Chef Li Ong, it starts with the red laser projections used to accurately set each table, an indicator of the level of care taken there. The images that follow of the tools of the kitchen, oily fish, succulent meats, glistening flakes of salt and flower petals used to decorate the dishes presented are sumptuous and mouth-watering. Zuma is helmed by a German chef Rainer Becker, who has since expanded his empire to include outposts in Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai, Miami and Bangkok – a testament to his culinary prowess. Tellingly, Becker spent six years perfecting his craft in Tokoyo: “I immersed myself in the whole culinary culture of Japan from street food yakatori to kaiseki. I could identify with the subtlety of flavor, the importance of texture, the rules of the cooking techniques and presentation.” And, if you care about such matters, Zuma is also a celebrity hot spot, having hosted the likes of Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.


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