Luca Massaro: Post-It Exhibition

November 20th, 2012

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We first became aware of photographer Luca Massaro’s work this summer when we were directed to his website to check out his rather compelling photographic projects and street-based art interventions. While perusing his site we instantly became enamoured with the artist’s attention to location and place and his interest in challenging conventional modes of exhibition. Massaro, who splits his time between Milan and Paris, represents a new generation of artists who emerged during the era of the Internet and who both comment on the medium’s prevalence in our lives and exploit its potential as a site for exhibition. In his guerilla street art, YouTube videos, and artist books, Massaro embraces non-gallery contexts for the presentation of his projects, altering the relationship between the viewer and the work. With a keen eye and a sharp wit, Massaro displaces viewers’ expectations by transforming everyday encounters into something unexpected and unusual.

For a recent project entitled Post-It Exhibition, Massaro printed photographs of everyday objects and scenes drawn from his S-Culture book on Post-It photo paper that he purchased at a flea market. He then dispersed the photographs throughout the streets of Milan, creating an outdoor exhibition and treasure hunt of sorts. Referencing our cultural obsession with posting an endless stream of photos on our Facebook “walls,” Massaro literalizes this act and brings the notion of a photo-stream into the real urban environment. His placement of the photos exhibits a sensitivity to location and architectural space, producing compelling juxtapositions between his Post-It photographs and the streetscape. In animating these ordinary spaces, Massaro interrupts the language of the urban landscape and creates fascinating contrasts between the real and its photographic representation. Massaro generously shared his photo documentation of the Post-It Exhibition with Here and Elsewhere:

All photographs are courtesy of the artist

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